You Quit Already?? When someone quits network marketing……


When someone quits network marketing after a few months I usually hear things like 

I gave it my all…. 
It just didn’t work for me….
I followed the system…..
I was committed……
My first thought is you quit already?

Of course no one followed you
You never even believed in yourself
You weren’t ever DOING this business
You were only TRYING it
Trying anything never works

Never has. Never will.

Think about it 

If someone quits after a month or 2 or 6 they weren’t truly committed. They didn’t even give the seeds of their work time to grow 

How could they expect someone else to commit and follow them when they weren’t TRULY committed?

The moment you RECRUIT YOURSELF is the moment when everything changes. It won’t TYPICALLY happen right away but it will happen

Compensation will eventually catch up to your skillset, commitment and effort but it will almost always be delayed


Rob Sperry

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